Flashcard Revision Software

The Flashcard Revision Program is a simple tool that enables students of any age to quickly produce revision resources for their studies. The program contains a whole host of features; from building and printing entire packs of flashcards, to testing yourself quickly on the computer. It is a compact piece of software designed to reduce the amount of time spent creating resources so that energy can be redirected to getting results when it counts!

This project finds its roots from my A-Level Computer Science course that I recently finished. I was asked to produce a real-world product that would aim to fill a gap in the current market.

I struggled for a while to produce an idea that would both be plausible and fill a market gap. The idea finally came when a friend of mine was tired of constantly creating revision resources for hours and hours. After coming to me and asking directly for this product, the project was set in motion.

V0.01 - Unreleased

I was quick to begin work under the hood - working on creating the packets of library code that would power this idea. From the very beginning, the project tended towards an Agile nature of development and, after a couple of weeks, the first prototype was rolled out. It consisted solely of a basic GUI that listed the currently saved card packs and the cards in each pack. The user was able to edit the text held on each of the cards and that was about it.

To store the cards, I used a directory system in the root of the program. Each pack had its own directory and the cards were held on a text file inside of those directories. Reading the cards was a primitive text parser that split each line at a colon. This allowed each card to have a question and an answer only.

In this very early stage, the program did not have any interface for using the cards, only creating them. This stage laid foundation for what was to come next.

V0.01 Contents

  • Simple GUI Editor
  • Text File Storage
  • Pack Directory System and Loading GUI